E-Z Pik 6-Piece Tweezer Set

SKU: 18480EZ

UPC CODE: 766955351153

Description: Tweezers included in the set are: Styles AA, OO, 2A, 3C, #5, and #7 in a handy pouch.


Available Quantity: 847

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6 of Aven's most popular EZ Pick tweezers supplied in a plastic pouch. Contains AA-SA, OO-SA, 2A-SA, 3C-SA, 5-SA and 7-SA styles.

E-Z Pik tweezers feature a highly durable special coating for high visibility and easy identification. Operators can quickly identify the tweezers they need for their particular operation and engineers can easily specify tweezers to be used for a particular process by identifying the color, rather than the pattern of tweezers. E-Z Pik tweezers will help improve productivity and process control. 

E-Z Pik Tweezers are manufactured from Anti-Acid, Anti-Magnetic Stainless Steel.

Revolutionize Precision Work with E-Z Pik Tweezers

Experience a new level of efficiency and precision in your operations with E-Z Pik Tweezers, the last word in innovative tool design. Crafted with excellence, these tweezers are not just tools but a game-changer in innovative instruments for the meticulous world of fine assembly, electronic repairs, and rework

Durability Meets Precision

At the heart of E-Z Pik Tweezers lies their construction from Anti-Acid, Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel, promising exceptional durability and reliability in even the most demanding environments. This premium material choice ensures that your tweezers remain resistant to corrosion and free from magnetic interference, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including those in high-precision electronic environments.

Visibility That Stands Out

E-Z Pik Tweezers feature a highly durable, specialized coating designed to endure the wear and tear of everyday use. doesn’t just endure the test of time—it shines through it. This unique feature ensures high visibility, allowing operators to swiftly identify the exact tweezer needed for the task at hand with just a glance.

Color-Coded Efficiency

With E-Z Pik's innovative color-coding system, efficiency is at your fingertips. No longer will you need to memorize patterns or spend valuable time searching for the right tool. Engineers can specify tools by color for specific processes, simplifying operations and ensuring that the right tool is always used for the right job. This not only enhances productivity but significantly improves process control, reducing errors and rework.

Hand-Finished for Ultimate Precision

Each pair of E-Z Pik Tweezers features points that are hand-finished with meticulous care, ensuring precisely aligned tips for the most delicate tasks. Our tweezers are examined under a microscope at our factory to guarantee perfect alignment. This rigorous quality assurance process ensures that every E-Z Pik Tweezer meets our high standards of precision and reliability.

Boost Your Productivity

Designed for those who demand precision and efficiency, our tweezers ensure that every pick is the right pick. Whether you're working on delicate electronic components, assembling intricate machinery, or anything in between, E-Z Pik provides the reliability and accuracy you need to get the job done right.



  • 18013EZ, E-Z Pik Style AA Tweezers
  • 18032EZ, E-Z Pik Style OO Tweezers
  • 18049EZ, E-Z Pik Style 2A Tweezers
  • 18056EZ, E-Z Pik Style 3C Tweezers
  • 18062EZ, E-Z Pik Style #5 Tweezers
  • 18072EZ, E-Z Pik Style #7 Tweezers


E-Z Pik 6-Piece Tweezer Set
Material Stainless Steel
No. of Pieces 6
Weight 0.35 lb

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E-Z Pik 6-Piece Tweezer Set
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