Designer Quality. Sensible Price Tag.

For nearly 40 years, Aven has been a leading manufacturer of high quality tweezers and magnifying tools for precision inspection and assembly applications. Our tools are time tested to be durable and reliable over repeated uses.

Magnifying Lamps

Mighty Vue Magnifying Lamps

Aven's Mighty View Magnifying Lamps feature wide rectangular glass lenses with a large field of view . Equipped with a fully covered arm, Mighty Vue magnifying lamps are free of exposed springs and pinch hazards. Features ultra-bright SMD LEDs for shadow-free illumination.

ProVue Magnifying Lamps

Aven's ProVue Magnifying Lamps feature 5" round crystal-clear glass lenses for distortion-free viewing. Equipped with a fully covered arm, ProVue magnifying lamps are free of exposed springs and pinch hazards. Features ultra-bright SMD LEDs for shadow-free illumination.

Mighty Vue Inspector Magnifying Lamps

Similar in design to our Mighty Vue Pro series, the Mighty Vue Inspector also features a built-in HD camera to connect with your HD monitor or PC. Show your work live on-screen to your customer, while you examine your client with through the magnifying lens


Blu-Tek Tweezers

Blu-Tek tweezers were designed for industrial and laboratory use. These stainless steel tweezers are treated with a Titanium Nitride PVD infusion process, giving the tweezers the durability and scratch & corrosion resistance of titanium.

Artis Tweezers

Aven's innovative Artis Tweezers have set a new precedent for precision. Our cutting edge design features a angled bend at the end of the tip, which provides a softer overall grip with a large surface area that reduces hand fatigue, enhancing productivity.

Titanium Tweezers

Titanium tweezers have been found to be excellent for use in the silicon chip industry because titanium tweezers do not shed particles. Titanium is a light weight, high strength material.

Mighty Scope Digital Microscope

USB Mighty Scope

Small but Mighty, Aven's Mighty Scope Digital Microscope is a compact and user-friendly way to inspect, measure, capture images, share reports and more. Ideal for a quick look at your progress, or your finished work!

Mighty Scope ClearVue

Aven's Mighty Scope ClearVue digital microscope is compact and easy to use! Featuring a a built-in 5" LCD monitor, it's quick and easy to view your work with no need for a PC or an extra monitor. A built-in SD card port allows you to save images and videos for future comparisons or review. This scope also includes a rechargeable battery, making this the most portable digital microscope available!