Aven offers a wide variety of inspection and assembly tools to assist in the classroom, as well as distance learning

Mighty Scope Digital Microscopes

Aven's line of Digital Microscopes features a wide range of high powered devices designed for ergonomic inspection. The advantage Digital Microscopes have over traditional microscopes is the ability to inspect objects on a large screen, rather than peering into eyepieces over long periods of time. From USB and HDMI plug-and-use microscopes to customized systems with sophisticated video lenses, our line Digital Microscopes can be matched to specific applications and budgets.

LED Magnifying Lamps

Aven's magnifying lamps utilize crystal-clear glass lenses for superior viewing. Each lamp features fully covered support arms, designed to eliminate pinch hazards and exposed springs found in many traditional magnifiers. Our line of magnifying lamps features a variety of lens sizes, magnification ranges, as well as different LED color options to suit specific task requirements and user preferences.

Precision Tweezers

Aven offers hundreds of precision tweezers in varying styles and materials, suitable for a wide range of assembly applications.

Precision Pliers and Cutters

Aven has been a leading manufacturer of precision pliers and cutters for workbench and laboratory applications since 1983. Our line includes a wide variety of stainless steel models designed for rugged and everyday use, with ESD safe grips.

Soldering Tools

Aven offers a wide selection of soldering and desoldering tools, designed for DIY, hobby, educational, and professional use


LED Work Lights

Aven's innovative selection of LED work lights were constructed with laboratory and general purpose tasks in mind. These industrial grade lamps provide ultra-bright, shadow-free illumination - designed long-term, high output performance.