Since 1983 Aven has been a premiere manufacturer of inspection and assembly tools to aid in medical applications.

SharpVue Digital Microscopes

SharpVue Inspection System combines advanced digital microscope technology with comfort and ease of use. View crystal clear 1080p images on your HD monitor, reducing the eye strain and neck fatigue associated with frequent use of traditional microscopes. Explore our array of Sharpvue Plus Inspection Systems to find the right match for your requirements.

Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Aven's Pre-Designed Stereo Zoom Microscope Systems are designed for specialized applications. Excellent for high-volume inspection, quality inspections, medical or scientific research, and most applications requiring high quality 3D images. Our stereo microscopes provide exceptional field of view, depth of field, and clarity.

Blu-Tek Tweezers

Blu-Tek tweezers were designed for industrial and laboratory use. The attractive blue finish is a result of a Titanium Nitride PVD Infusion Process , giving the tweezers additional strength, durability, and scratch & corrosion resistance. Blue-Tek tweezers feature precise tips designed to remain aligned throughout the life of the tweezers.