Digital Microscope Cyclops 4K Ultra HD [13x-140x] with Articulating Arm Stand and Monitor

SKU: 26700-424-553


The Cyclops 4K Ultra HD features an HDMI output for viewing on an HD monitor, as well as a USB output for computer connectivity for image capture, measurement and more.  


  • Cyclops 4K Ultra HD Digital Microscope with post stand 
  • Articulating Arm Post Stand with Microscope Mount and Table Clamp
  • 22" LCD HD Monitor
  • MicroSD Card for image capture in HDMI mode


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Cyclops HDMI with Articulating Arm Stand

Over-Engineered, Not Overpriced

This innovative digital microscope connects directly to a HD monitor OR your PC. Magnification ranges up to 140x. This breakthrough instrument increases accuracy and productivity while easing eye strain and user fatigue – valuable benefits in high-volume applications, such as parts inspection in assembly operations.




  • Dual View Modes: View from your HDMI monitor or from your PC
  • MicroSD Card: Save images directly to your MicroSD card with no computer required
  • IR Remote: Convenient remote handset, controls all functions including image capture, lighting, focusing, and toggling between PC and HDMI modes


Cyclops Software

USB Mode - Advanced measurement software

In USB mode, operators utilize the advanced imaging software to view live images, capture image and video files, make accurate measurements, annotate, time-lapse photography and more. To learn more about the Cyclops 4K software, please refer to our user guide.



Cyclops HDMI with Articulating Arm Stand

Compact and Convenient

This articulating arm is a convenient and space-saving stand. Features a 415mm (16.33in) articulating arm with two articulating joints on a 450mm (17.7in) post. Includes a built-in table clamp with dual locks for added stability. The arm can be raised/lowered and rotated to the ideal position. 



Articulating Arm


The 16.3 inch articulating arm can be secured to any point along the 17.7 inch post. The two articulating joins can be rotated to the ideal position, and can be used to move the microscope out of the way when not in use. 

Articulating Arm


Heavy Duty Table Clamp

Heavy Duty Table Clamp

The built in table clamp secures to the side of work bench, featuring dual locks for added stability.



360 Rotation


The 360 ball joint lets operators choose their own ideal inspection angle. Simply positing the Cyclops and lock it in. 

360 Ball Joint


IR Remote Control

The included IR handset is used to control all digital functions of the Cyclops 4K, including ring light illumination, image focusing, image and video capture, and toggling between HDMI and USB modes.

IR Remote

Optional Lenses

The Cyclops 4K can be enhanced with optional objective lenses to suit your specific requirements.

  • 10x Objective Lens: Provides additional magnification up to 506x
  • 4x Lens with Polarizer: Helps to reduce glare from reflective parts
  • 4x Long Focus Lens: Increases the working distance of the Cyclops to 95mm - 218mm

IR Remote

  • Advanced measurement software included
  • Capture crystal-clear 4K Ultra HD images
  • 13x-140x magnification
  • Capture images directly to MicroSD card
  • View high definition live images with no computer required 
  • Compact/convenient articulating arm stand
Digital Microscope Cyclops 4K Ultra HD [140x] with 4x Lens with Articulating Arm Stand
System Contents
  • 26700-424: Cyclops 4K Digital Microscope
  • 26800B-553: Articulating Arm Stand
  • 26700-406: 22" LCD Monitor
  • 26700-412: 360 Ball Joint
  • 26800B-577: N-Type Focus Mount with E-Arm


26700-424 Cyclops 4K Digital Microscope
CMOS Sensor8 million pixels CMOS sensor 
Magnification (based on a 24 inch monitor)
  • Object Lens 4X: 13x~140x (included)
  • Object Lens 10x: 231x ~ 506x (sold separately)
Auxiliary sourceWhite LED × 30pcs
Image CaptureVia Software or MicroSD Card
Video CaptureVia Software
DC portAdapter DC Input
HDMI portOutput 1080P(1920*1080 Pixel) - image 
USB portUSB 2.0
SD PortMicro SD: Support 2G~128G, FAT32 Format
Focus controlIR remote control
Power supplier(Output:DC 5.0V/2.0A Input:AC 100-240V 50/60Hz)
Power Consumption (A/C)1.8A(Max)/9W
Size106(L)×106(W)×152(T) mm
Weight.7 lb
Operation environmentTemperature -5℃ ~ 50℃; Humidity-lower than 85% (No Condensation)
Package ContentsCyclops 4K |
HDMI Cable |
USB Cable |
Power adapter |
Cyclops Stand |
User Guide |
2GB microSD Card


26800B-553 Articulating Arm Post Stand with Microscope Mount and Table Clamp
Post height17.7"
Total Arm Length16.33"
Table Clamp OpeningUp to 3.93"
MaterialSteel & Aluminum
Weight6.5 lb



22" LCD Monitor
Screen / Monitor Size22" LCD Monitor
Display Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Input Voltage12V DC
Weight14.6 lb


N-Type Focus Mount with E-Arm 
Holder Adapter TypeN Adapter
Focus Distance50mm
Coarse Focus Distance per Rotation20mm
E-Arm Rotation Range on Horizontal Direction360
E-Arm Rotation Range on Z Direction180
E-Arm Mounting Adapter5/8 in. End Adapter
E-Arm Horizontal Adjustment ScrewWith Safety protection against falling screw
Surface TreatmentSpray Paint
Net Weight0.88kg (1.94lb)


4X object lens, focus distance from 22mm~214mm(0.866~8.425inch)

4X object lens on 24” (Reference data)
Focus section123456789
Sensor position163816141584154014741440139213621330
Mag. (X)

Focus section101112131415161718
Sensor position1294125012001142111010701028980922
Mag. (X)40.844.248.353.155.95962.566.470.8

Focus section19202122232425
Sensor position86479470660648634016074
WD (mm)38.736.033.430.728.025.522.821.8
Mag. (X)75.981.788.596.6106118133140


10X object lens, focus distance from 6.3mm~10mm(0.248~0.393inch)

10X object lens on 24” (Reference data)
Focus section123456789
Sensor position182217521680159415021404129411701020
WD (mm)10.410.
Mag. (X)231242253266280295313332354

Focus section1011121314



Sensor position86067045018640



WD (mm)






Mag. (X)380409443483506





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Digital Microscope Cyclops 4K Ultra HD [13x-140x] with Articulating Arm Stand and Monitor
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