Digital Microscope with 360 Viewer, Mighty Cam HD on Post Stand with Gooseneck LEDs [22x - 147x]

SKU: 26700-151-C05-259-570

Description: Digital Inspection and Measurement System featuring our Detented Micro Lens with a 360 Viewer, Mighty Cam HD Camera mounted on post stand with flexible gooseneck LEDs, and includes a 22 inch HD LED Monitor. Provides a magnification range of 22x to 147x.

  • 360 Viewer allows users to inspect from all angles by simply rotating the viewer
  • Micro zoom lens with four detented zoom settings, ideal for accurate and repeatable measurements*
  • Mighty Cam HD camera provides excellent image quality in HDMI or USB modes (measurement software included)
  • Post stand with adjustable LEDs on flexible goosenecks.  LEDs can be positioned where needed for optimal illumination.
  • 22" HD Monitor included
  • 3D viewer can be easily engaged or disengaged by sliding the mechanism in or out
*360 viewer is required to be in the OFF position to perform measurements


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Inspect Parts From Any Angle

No need to move the part

This digital microscope system with the 360 viewer allows users to inspect parts from various angles without having to rotate the part. The viewer features a mirror inclined at a 35 degree angle can be engaged or disengaged.

Micro Zoom Lens with 4 Detented Settings

Ideal for easy, repeatable measurements

The high quality zoom lens has detents set at 0.6x, 1x, 2x and 4x. This allows for calibrating the lens for high accuracy measurement with the included Image Analysis and Measurement Software. The lens is parfocaled and will stay in focus when zooming in or out.

Mighty Cam HD

Crystal-Clear High Definition Viewing


The Mighty Cam HD camera included in this package features a 5M CMOS sensor and has both HDMI and USB outputs.



Inspect in real-time, capture images, and more


The camera can be operated in HDMI mode at 1080P resolution without a PC. Only a monitor with and HDMI input is required. All necessary camera adjustments and functions such as digital zoom are available on screen. Images and videos can be captured onto the built in SD card.

USB Mode

In USB mode the camera can be connected to a PC and the included advanced Image Analysis software can be used for measurement, image analysis, sharing, etc.

Note, the 360 viewer must be in the OFF position to perform measurements.

Heavy-Duty Post Stand

Flexible gooseneck LEDs with intensity controls

The included post stand is made from heavy metal construction, designed to be compact and durable.  The base measures 11" x 13", with a 16" post.

The LED goosenecks can be positioned where needed for optimal illumination, a particularly useful feature when reduced glare is crucial.  Includes a brightness control box to choose the required brightness intensity.


  • 0.6x to 4x zoom magnification
  • Detented Lens for High Accuracy Measurement
  • HD camera with both HDMI and USB outputs with Advanced Measurement Software
  • 360 viewing with included attachment
  • Heavy-duty post stand
  • Flexible gooseneck LEDs with brightness adjustment
  • LEDs can be positioned where needed for optimal illumination
Digital Microscope with 360 Viewer, Mighty Cam ES on Post Stand with Gooseneck LEDs [22x - 147x]
System Contents
  • 26100-259: Mighty Cam ES
  • 26700-170: 360 Viewer
  • 26700-151-C05: Micro Lens + 0.5x Coupler
  • 26700-151AP: Lens Adapter Plate
  • 26800B-570: Heavy Duty Post Stand
  • 26800B-517: Focus Mount
  • 26200B-224: Flexible Gooseneck LEDs for Post Stands
  • 26700-406: 22" HDMI LCD Monitor

  360 Viewer ON Position 360 Viewer OFF position
Magnification (based on 22" HD Monitor) 22x - 147x 22x - 147x
Working Distance 0.91 Inches (23mm) 3 Inches (76.2mm)


Model: Mighty Cam ES
Sensor Type: CMOS
Sensor Model: ON MT9P001I12STC
Color/Mono: Color
Array Diagonal: 7.13mm
Resolution: 2MP, 2592(H)x1944(V)
Pixel Size: 2.2μm x 2.2μm
Effective area: 5.7mm x 4.3mm
Shutter Mode: Rolling
Frame Rate: 15fps@USB2.0, 25fps@HDMI
Exposure Time: 1ms-2s
SD Format: FAT32
Color Temperature: 1800-10000K
Software: HDMI: Cloud 1.0 Ver; USB: Mosaic V2
HDMI Key Settings: Preview: 1920x1080; Capture: 2592x1944; Vedio recording: 15fps@1920x1080
Multiple Cameras: Supports 4 Cameras Simultaneously in SDK
Optical Interface: Standard C Mount
Power: 2.4W
Dimensions: 90.7mm x 74mm x 67.2mm
Weight: 265g
Data Interface: HDMI, USB2.0, SD card
Operating Environment: Temperature: -10~45℃; Humidity: 10%~85%
Operating System: Windows 7/10 (32 Bit/64 Bit)/Mac
PC configuration: CPU: Intel Core i5 or better(Quad or more Core); RAM: 8G or more


26700-151-C05 Micro Lens System
Zoom Settings 0.6x to 4.0x
Zoom Ratio 6.7:1
No. Detents 7
Field of View 6 x 8mm at low mag 0.9 x 1.2mm at high mag
Magnification Optical: 0.6x to 4.0x
Working Distance 0.91" (3D viewer ON position)  |  3" (3D viewer OFF position)
Height 160mm
Diameter 0.38mm
Weight 453g (1 lb)
Package Contents 0.6x to 4.0x Zoom Body with 1X C-Mount Coupler and 1X Objective Lens

The micro lens included in this system includes a 0.5x coupler and the 3D viewer has a 0.75x coupler built in lens 

Heavy Duty Post Stand
Base Size 279 x 330 x 12.7mm
Base Weight 3.6Kg (8lbs)
Vertical Post Length 406mm
Vertical Post Diameter 25.5mm
Mounts Accepted SCW-PA
Package Contents One Base, post, safety clamp and bolt for mounting post to base Hex-Key included


LED Dual Gooseneck Point Light For Post Stand
Post Hole Diameter 22.5 - 32.5mm
Light Source Type LED
Light Source Illuminace 8000LUX
Power Box Panel Meter Display Pointer Palnel Meter / Scale
Power Box Cooling System Heat Sink
Power Box Dimensions 103 x 58 x 32mm
Outbox Power 2.5Wx2
Input Voltage AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output Voltage DC 12V
Power Cord Connector Type USA Two Pin
Power Cable Length 1.5m
Parts Certification Power Supply with CE Certification
Material Metal
Color Black
Net Weight 1.01 lb


 360 Viewer ON Position360 Viewer OFF position
Magnification (based on 22" HD Monitor)22x - 147x22x - 147x
Working Distance0.91 Inches (23mm)3 Inches (76.2mm)

Magnification (based on 22" HD Monitor)

Note magnification stays the same whether the Viewer is in off or on position. Only thing that changes is working distance

The micro lens included in this system includes a 0.5x coupler and the 3D viewer has a 0.75x coupler built in lens

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