e-Series Digital Microscope HDMI Color Camera w/8GB USB Flash Drive & Internal Measurement Software

SKU: E-254-570


This digital microscope system features a macro lens with a 1080p HDMI Camera providing a magnification range of 6.5-65x at a working distance of 6” (152.4mm) measured horizontally. The USB flash drive allows you save images and videos for sharing and documentation. Included are bright adjustable LED Lights a heavy duty post stand, and a 22 inch High Definition Monitor.  Features internal software for  software for easy measurement and analysis.

Magnification range: 6.5x - 65x

Field of View: 92.2mm - 9.6mm(D) 74.6mm - 7.8mm(H) 56.4mm - 5.9mm(V)

Includes 16" post stand, dual flexible gooseneck LEDs, and 22" LCD monitor.


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e-Series e-253HD-570

High Definition Computer Free Digital Microscope

Aven's e-Series Digital Microscopes offer superb image quality and premium features. This microscope system offers quick and easy image processing with no need for a PC. In addition, a built in USB Flash Drive allows you to save images.   Internal measurement software is programed directly to the camera, with no need to connect to a computer. 

Our Macro Digital Imaging System is a self-contained, full HD (1080p) digital microscope and system that conveniently operates without the need for a PC. The system offers powerful image processing and control while delivering vibrant, full HD live image quality at 60 frames-per-second, enabling it to be used as a solution for quality control, testing, rework, assembly, inspection, and documentation.

Magnification range: 6.5x - 65x
Field of View: 92.2mm - 9.6mm(D) 74.6mm - 7.8mm(H) 56.4mm - 5.9mm(V)

Measure and Analyze With Ease

No Computer Required

No PC is required for image processing and no software to install. Built-in software has the following features: Edge Detection, Live/Freeze Image, Measurement tools such as line, circle, radius, angle and parallel lines.

Capture Stunning Image/Video Files

No Computer Required

Save high-resolution image and video files directly to USB storage, with no need for a PC for image processing.

Compact and Heavy Duty

This heavy duty stand is perfect for applications where horizontal extension is limited. Large base 279 x 330 x 12.7mm to accommodate a large variety of parts.

Dual LED Pipe Lights

Ultra-bright LEDs on dual flexible goosenecks. The goose necks allows users to focus and adjust the light to provide perfect illumination for all types of applications. Comes complete with a dimmer control box.


  • All-in-one, compact system
  • Internal Measurement Software
  • 1080p Full HD Imaging at 60 FPS
  • HDMI Output for additional monitor viewing
  • Capture image and video files - No PC required
  • Enhances productivity - eliminates eye strain and body fatigue
  • Long working distance
  • Save high resolution image/video files directly to USB Storage card


  • Precision assembly applications
  • Quality control
  • Production applications
  • Electrical inspection
  • Medical device inspection
  • Aerospace
  • Educational applications
  • Research and Development

  • HDMI Color Camera with Built-in Measurement Software
  • Live/Freeze image function
  • Multiple measurement tools such as lines, circles and radius available in Manual Tab
  • Images and Measurement Data displayed can be exported to USB Flash Drive
  • Multiple cross hair for quick gaging
  • Mouse control provides ease of use
  • Magnification range: 6.5x - 65x
  • 16" post stand provides a large working distance
  • Flexible gooseneck LEDs provide bright, even illumination
e-Series Digital Microscope HDMI Color Camera w/8GB USB Flash Drive & Internal Measurement Software
Sensor Size1/2.5"
Sensor TypeCMOS
Megapixel2.0M at 24Bit
Frame Rate30 fps (1920 x 1080)
MountC Mount
Pixel Size2.75 x 2.75μm
Pixel Count1 pixel
White BalanceOne Push/Auto
ExposureOne Push/Auto
Scan ModeProgressive
Memory Card4G SD Included (2~32G Capacity)
Cross HairNo crosshair
Picture | Video FormatBitmap
Package contents
  • 26100-254 - Camera
  • 26800B-570 - Post Stand
  • 26700-181 - Macro Lens
  • 26700-181AP - Lens Adapter Plate
  • 26700-406 - 24" LCD HD Monitor
  • 26200B-224 - Dual Gooseneck LEDs
  • 26800B-517- Focus Mount
Lens Model # 26100-181 Effective Front ø30mm
Max. Magnification 0.084x - 0.84x Lens Aperture Rear ø6.6mm
Max. Aperture Ratio 01:05.6 Back Focal Length 23.29mm
Max. Image Format 6.4mm x 4.8mm(ø8mm) Flange Back Length 17.526mm
Operation Range Iris F5.6 - F32C Mount C-Mount
Focus 0.15m - 0.45m Filter Size M46 P=0.75mm

Dimensions ø48mm x 98.5mm
Control Iris Manual Weight 260g
Focus Manual

Zoom Manual

Object Size(1/2 type CCD) Working 152.4mm(6") 92.2mm - 9.6mm(D) 74.6mm - 7.8mm(H) 56.4mm - 5.9mm(V)
Distance 457.2mm(18") 349.4mm - 34.6mm(D) 279.2mm - 28.0mm(H) 208.8mm - 21.2mm(V)
Object Size(1/3 type CCD) Working 152.4mm(6") 70.1mm - 7.3mm(D) 56.4mm - 5.9mm(H) 42.4mm - 4.4mm(V)
Distance 457.2mm(18") 261.6mm - 26.4mm(D) 208.8mm - 21.2mm(H) 156.2mm - 16.0mm(V)
Object Size(1/4 type CCD) Working 152.4mm(6") 53.0mm - 5.6mm(D) 42.4mm - 4.4mm(H) 31.8mm - 3.4mm(V)
Distance 457.2mm(18") 208.8mm - 21.2mm(D) 156.2mm - 16.0mm(H) 117.0mm - 12.0mm(V)
Angle of View D 1/2 type 21.6° - 4.5° 1/3 type 17.0° - 3.3° 1/4 type 13.0° - 2.5°
H 18.0° - 3.6° 13.8° - 2.7° 10.6°- 2.0°
V 13.8° - 2.7° 10.6° - 2.0° 8.0° - 1.5°
Operating Temperature -20°C - +50°C


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e-Series Digital Microscope HDMI Color Camera w/8GB USB Flash Drive & Internal Measurement Software
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