MicroVue Digital Microscope with Ultra-Glide Stand and X/Y/R Stage [17x - 110x]

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Aven's MicroVue™ Digital Microscope is an all-in-one inspection system.The MicroVue™ offers a magnification range of 17x - 110x on it's built- in 11.6" monitor and 8.6x to 221x with optional lenses


  • Built-in 11.6" monitor for ergonomic viewing
  • 17x - 110x magnification (on the built-in monitor) without optional lenses
  • 8.6x To 221x Magnification Range With Optional Lenses
  • HDMI output for external monitor viewing
  • Built-in measurement capabilities
  • Save image/video files to USB storage device
  • USB included
  • Ultra-Glide Boom Stand included
  • Compact XY gliding table with rotatable stage included


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All-In-One Digital Microscope

Discover the power of precision with Aven's MicroVue™ Digital Microscope, your all-in-one solution for detailed inspection and analysis. This advanced system is designed not only to enhance your viewing experience but to integrate seamlessly into any workspace with its ergonomic and compact design.

11.6 inch monitor

Crystal-Clear Monitor

Up to 110x Magnification

Featuring a generous 11.6" built-in monitor, the MicroVue™ offers exceptional ergonomic viewing, allowing for comfortable extended use without sacrificing on detail. Experience crisp, clear magnification ranging from 17x to 110x directly on the built-in monitor. For those seeking even greater detail, optional lenses extend the magnification capabilities from 8.6x to a remarkable 221x, opening a world of microscopic details.

XYR Stage

Included X/Y/R Stage

Scan X and Y axis, and Rotate 360 degrees

This gliding stage has been optimized for use with the MicroVue. The compact design makes it easy for operators to add the stage to an existing microscope setup, and easily set aside when not in use.

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360 Rotation

HDMI Output

Real-Time viewing from an external monitor

The MicroVue™ doesn't stop at superior magnification. It comes equipped with an HDMI output, enabling the option of external monitor viewing for an expanded visual workspace or for sharing your findings with a team.

XYR Stage

Ultra-Glide Boom Stand

Easily scan

Smooth movement of the gliding boom allows you to easily move your MicroVue™ over and across the object being viewed. The heavy metal base provides excellent stability. Safety collar on the support post provides added security for your inspection system.

  • Vertical post height: 13.5"
  • Horizontal arm length: 23"

HD Monitor

Built-In Measurement Capabilities

No Computer Required

Built-in measurement capabilities ensure precise analysis and documentation, enhancing the utility and efficiency of your research or quality control processes.

Image Capture

Easy Image Capture

Save Directly to USB Storage

Saving and sharing your discoveries is as straightforward as it gets. With the ability to save image and video files directly to a USB storage device, the MicroVue™ simplifies the process of capturing and transferring data. Plus, a USB is included to get you started right away.

Compact Design

Compact Design

Saving and sharing Designed with your space in mind, the MicroVue™ boasts a compact footprint, ensuring that even the most limited benchtop spaces can accommodate this powerful tool without compromise.


Optional Lenses

Enhance your magnification range and working distance

  • 0.5X Lens: The 0.5x lens is designed to increase working distance, as well as increase the field of view on the screen for additional viewing area.

    Learn More | Click Here

  • 2.0X Lens: increases the magnification range to 34.4x-221x. These lenses easily attach to the standard MicroVue lens.

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Included 360 Viewer

Angled views and 360 rotation

The 360 Viewer Attachment's unique design gives operators a new perspective on objects being viewed. The 35 degree angled mirror is ideal for looking around multi-layered parts such as circuit boards, medical tools, industrial parts, and more. The attachment can be rotated 360 degrees to display the part from various angles without needing to physically move the part.

  • When in the On Position the 3D Viewer displays the angled on-screen image with a reduced 0.5x magnification applied.
  • When in the Off Position the screen displays an overhead image with no added angle and no magnification reduction.

Learn More | Click Here

  • 0.6x to 4x zoom magnification
  • Detented Zoom Adjustment for High Accuracy Measurement
  • Compact XY Gliding Table with 360 Rotating Stage included
  • Heavy-duty post stand with adjustable LEDs
  • All-in-one, compact system
  • 1080p Full HD Imaging at 60 FPS
  • HDMI Output for additional monitor viewing
  • Built-in measurement software - No PC required
  • Enhances productivity - eliminates eye strain and body fatigue
  • 11.6" built-in HD monitor
  • Save high resolution image/video files directly to USB Storage card
  • 1080p Full HD Output
  • Monitor can be tilted to the optimal viewing angle
SeriesIndustrial HDMI Camera w/ Measurement
Sensor size1/3”
Effective pixelsFull HD
Frame rate1920*1080P@ 60FPS
OutputHDMI, USB Mouse, USB Storage
Pixel size3.75 x 3.75μm
FeaturesMark functionPoint coordinates, Reticle
Coordinates, Text annotation
Length measurementStraight length, broken line length, curve line length, distance between parallel lines, point-line distance
Center distance of circlesCircle from a radius, two-point circle,
three-point circle
Geometric measurementLine length, Circle from a radius, two-point circle, three-point circle, concentric circles
Geometry areaPolygon, Rectangle
Image captureSupports 2 million static photos
Video recordSupports 1080p video
Other featuresHorizontal/Vertical mirror, monochrome color,
image freeze, image contrast
PackageAccessoryDC-12V Power adapter
Magnification17x-110x (Based on the built-in monitor)
33X - 210X (Based on an external 22” monitor)
Included Contents
  • MicroVue Digital Microscope
  • Ultra-Glide Boom Stand
  • MicroVue Track Stand Post (13")
  • MicroVue Track Stand Base (10.25" x 12.73")
  • DC-12V Power Adapter
  • Wireless USB Mouse (requires 2 AAA batteries, not included)
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Tools for assembly
  • Assembly guide
  • XYR Stage
  • User Manual



Ultra-Glide Boom Stand w/Heavy Metal Base
Base Size15" x 10.5"
Base Weight35 lbs
Vertical Post Length13.5"
Vertical Post Diameter37.2mm
Extension Post Length225mm
Horizontal Arm Length23"
Focus Mount Hole Diameter15.875mm (5/8")
Mounts AcceptedSCW-PA focus mount with tiltable arbor 26800B-521 or E-Arm
Accepted BodiesSSZ, SPZ, DSZ and NSW series
Package ContentsOne boom stand with metal base Users manual



Compact Gliding Stage X/Y/R
Base Size135 x 120 x 93mm (5.3 x 4.7 x 3.6 inch)
Rotating Stage DiameterØ73mm (Ø2.87 inch)
Movement70mm/30mm/360 Degrees (X/Y/R)
Material of RotationAluminum alloys
Material of BasePlastic
Weight1.76 lb

Monitor SizeStandard Lens (included, 360 Viewer in "OFF" Position0.5x Lens (sold separately, not compatible with 360 Viewer)2x Lens (sold separately, not compatible with 360 Viewer)
 Working Distance: 100mmWorking Distance: 165mmWorking Distance 30mm

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MicroVue Digital Microscope with Ultra-Glide Stand and X/Y/R Stage [17x - 110x]
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