N-Type Focus Mount with 25mm opening

SKU: 26800B-578

UPC CODE: 766955374404


Aven's N-Type Focus Mount is designed to work with custom video inspection systems.  Features a universal 1/4" adapter screw mount to fasten to any inspection camera with a screw-style mount.  Features a 25mm opening for a attaching to a post stand.


Available Quantity: 50

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N-Type Focus Mount

Aven's N-Type Focus Mount, model 26800B-578, is a versatile and essential component for custom video inspection systems. With its universal 1/4" adapter screw mount, it offers seamless compatibility with many inspection cameras equipped with a screw-style mount. The focus mount is engineered for precision, featuring two fine-focus adjustment knobs that allow for meticulous control over the camera's focus, ensuring crystal-clear images every time. This robust focus mount is not only compatible with Aven's range of post stands but also integrates flawlessly with our tiltable arbor, making it a perfect match for Aven boom stands.

The N-Type Focus Mount is designed to work with several Aven cameras, including the Mighty Cam Pro (26100-258), Mighty Cam ES (26100-259), and Mighty Cam USB (26100-244), ensuring a broad range of compatibility and performance.

Furthermore, the 25mm opening complements an array of Aven stands and accessories. It pairs perfectly with the Heavy Duty Post Stand 16" (26800B-570) featuring a safety clamp of 25mm, and the Ergo Microscope Stand (26800B-575) which comes with a 16-inch post and a reversible plate for added versatility.

When used in conjunction with the Tiltable Arbor (26800B-521), it expands its compatibility to include various stands such as the Articulating Arm Stand with Vertical Post and Table Clamp (26800B-550-PCL), the Articulating Arm Post Stand with Table Clamp (26800B-553), and the Standard Articulating Arm Stand (26800B-560).


  • Designed to work with Aven's 25mm post stands, as well as with our Tiltable Arbor for compatibility with boom stands and articulating arm stands.
  • Dual focus knobs provide fine and coarse focusing options
  • Universal ¼-20" adapter is compatible with a wide range of cameras
26800B-578 N-Type Focus Mount 25mm
Opening 25mm
Weight 2.7 lb
Dimensions 6.5 x 11.5 x 7"
Compatible Aven Cameras
  • 26100-258: Mighty Cam Pro
  • 26100-259: Mighty Cam ES
  • 26100-244: Mighty Cam USB
Compatible Aven Stands and Accessories
  • 26800B-570: Heavy Duty Post Stand 16" With Safety Clamp 25mm
  • 26800B-575: Ergo Microscope Stand With 16 Inch Post And Reversible Plate
  • 26800B-521: Tiltable Arbor (for use with Aven's boom style stand and articulating arm stands)
Compatible Stands When Paired With Tiltable Arbor 26800B-521
  • 26800B-550-PCL: Articulating Arm Stand with Vertical Post and Table Clamp
  • 26800B-553: Articulating Arm Post Stand with Table Clamp
  • 26800B-560: Standard Articulating Arm Stand

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N-Type Focus Mount with 25mm opening
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