Improve Your Workflow with E-Z Pik Tweezers
Improve Your Workflow with E-Z Pik Tweezers

Precision work often requires the use of multiple tweezers. Utilizing the correct style of tweezers helps ensure you’re using the most optimal one for your application. However, continuously switching between tweezers can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Our E-Z Pik tweezers were designed to speed up this process by allowing operators to quickly identify their tweezers by the color instead of the pattern.

E-Z Pik tweezers are innovating the traditional workflow of using tweezers! These precision tweezers are designed with an exceptionally durable special coating for high visibility and easy identification. The color of the E-Z Pik tweezers represents the tip pattern and are available in six popular styles.


E-Z Pik Color Guide

  • Yellow: AA-SA (Very strong and precise tips for general assembly)
  • Orange: 7-SA (Curved super-fine points for assembly work)
  • Light Blue: 3C-SA (Long and narrow, straight points for extended reach and access in confined areas)
  • Green: 5-SA (Blades taper sharply from the body to a super fine point for extra fine work)
  • Red: 00-SA (Flat edges with heavy duty strong blades tapers to a regular strong point for general assembly)
  • Black: 2A-SA (Straight flat tips provide a large flat gripping surface for bending and handling small wires and parts)


304 Series Stainless Steel


In addition to the colorful design, these premium-grade tweezers are also manufactured from anti-magnetic, anti-acid 304 series stainless-steel. When working in areas with magnetized components, it’s vital that your tweezers are anti-magnetic to prevent your tweezers from sticking or becoming attracted to the magnetized surfaces. The anti-acid properties of E-Z Pik tweezers also provide them with excellent corrosion resistance, protecting them from rust.


Improve your workflow with our color-coated E-Z Pik tweezers. Having the ability to effortlessly switch between tweezers can drastically speed up production while enhancing process control. Manufactured from 304 series stainless-steel, these exceptionally durable tweezers are anti-magnetic and anti-acid. Our E-Z Pik tweezers are available in 6 popular styles and ready to take on a variety of tasks.