26800B-366 NSW-20 Stereo Microscope [10x | 20x] on Single Arm Boom Stand with LED Ring Light

SKU: 26800B-366

Description: Aven's NSW-20 stereo microscope provides crisp clear 3D images. Features 10x and 20x magnification settings. Includes Aven's Single Arm Boom Stand with heavy base, as well as the 26200B-211 LED ring light.


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NSW-20 Binocular Stereo Microscope

NSW binocular stereo microscopes offers superior quality optics and reliable mechanical components. This exceptional quality allows users to efficiently perform tasks and maintain high productivity. High precision optics ensures excellent contrast and definition 3D images from edge to edge. 10x and 20x magnification.

High Eye Point

10x Eyepieces ensure comfortable viewing for all operators, including those who require eyeglasses. Diopter Adjustment on both Eyepiece Tubes and a highly Adjustable Interpupillary Distance of 52mm to 75mm provides operators with even more flexibility in their individual applications.

Single Arm Boom Stand

This stand allows users to position the microscope over large objects, and the heavy base provides excellent stability. The vertical post reaches 380mm providing over 264mm of working space underneath the objective lens, and all friction locking screws are capped with large knobs for easy and quick adjustments.

LED Ring Light

Excellent for applications requiring a high degree of lighting control. Incorporates 60 long life LED lights that are flicker free, operate at low temperatures and do not change color over time. Provides shadow free and even illumination. Energy efficient and eco friendly.

  • Dual magnification: 10x and 20x
  • Field of view 23mm at 10x and 11.5mm at 20x
  • Wide Field 10x Eyepieces (Field Number 23)
  • Single arm boom stand – 18" arm designed to for horizontal movement of the microscope.
  • Perfect for stationary microscopy applications especially where vibrations can disrupt your work
  • 16" (406mm) x 1 1/2" (38mm) OD stainless steel vertical
  • 18" (457mm) x 1 1/2" (38mm) OD aluminum horizontal post
NSW-20 Binocular Stereo Microscope
Body Type Binocular, 360° rotatable, 45° inclined eyepiece tube
Eyepieces Two 10x(FN23)eyepieces. Optional: 15x(FN15), 20x(FN11.5) available to extend magnification range
Auxiliary lens 1x & 2x
Working Distance 82.5mm
Field of View with 10x Eyepiece 23mm at 10x
11.5mm at 20x
Diopter Adjustment On left eye tubes: +5.6D-.72D
Interpupillary Distance Adjustable from 52 to 75mm
Optical System Greenough
Package Weight 52.90 lb
Package Contents 1 ea. NSW Binocular Stereo Microscope
2 ea. 10x Eyepieces
1 ea. Dust Cover
1 ea. instruction manual
1 ea. Single Arm Boom Stand
1 ea. 26200B-211 LED Ring Light

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26800B-366 NSW-20 Stereo Microscope [10x | 20x] on Single Arm Boom Stand with LED Ring Light
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