DSZ-44 Stereo Zoom Microscope [10x - 44x] on Dual Arm Boom Stand with Integrated Ring Light

SKU: DSZ44-209-536

Description: Aven's DSZ-44 stereo zoom microscope provides crisp clear 3D images, long working distance and a wide field of view. 10x to 44x continuous zoom with 10x eyepieces. 

Includes Aven's Double Arm Boom Stand with an integrated table clamp.  The 22.4" horizontal arm easily glides to the required  position.

Comes complete with Aven's E-Arm focus mount with an integrated LED ring light and LED adjustment controller.

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DSZ-44 Stereo Zoom Microscope

Aven’s DSZ-44 Stereo Zoom Microscope has a magnification range of 10x to 44x, which can be enhanced to up to 140x with optional auxiliary lenses and eyepieces.

Zoom Adjustment

Graduations on the zoom knob tell operators the exact magnifications at which they are working. For applications requiring very specific adjustments, this is a particularly convenient feature.

High Eye Point

10x Eyepieces ensure comfortable viewing for all operators, including those who require eyeglasses. Diopter Adjustment on both Eyepiece Tubes and a highly Adjustable Interpupillary Distance of 52mm to 75mm provides operators with even more flexibility in their individual applications.

Double Arm Boom Stand with Heavy-Duty Table Clamp

Smooth movement of a ball bearing slide allows you to move your microscope easily over and across the object being viewed. Heavy-duty table clamp provides excellent stability. The heavy-duty all-metal constuction provides durability
  • Vertical Post Height: 384mm.
  • Vertical Post Diameter: Φ37.2mm.
  • Horizontal Arm Length: 570mm.
  • Horizontal Diameter: Φ20mm.
  • Mounting Hole on the Top of Horizontal Arm: 16mm.
  • Base Dimensions: 140x70x65mm.
  • Clamp Opening Size: 0-40mm

Focus Mount with Integrated Ring light

This focus mount features a built in eco friendly daylight 60 LED ring light for ultra-bright illumination. LED lights have a long life and low power consumption. The adjustable coarse focus knobs allow for easy vertical, incrememental adjustment of the microscope body. Includes an external LED dimmer control box.

The Aven Advantage

Aven's stereo zoom microscopes are designed with longevity and crystal-clear viewing in mind. The superior build construction and customized components provide long-term reliablity over years of repeated use.


  • 10x - 44x magnification range
  • Superior contruction provides long-term reliability and crystal-clear viewing
  • Click-stop zoom adjustment provides accurate measurement throughout the zoom range
  • 22.4" horizontal boom arm easily glides to the required position
  • Heavy-duty table clamp secures to the edge of a work bench, saving vauable space
  • Focus mount with built-in LED ring light.
  • Expandable magnification range with optional eyepieces and objective lenses


  • Precision assembly applications
  • Quality control
  • Production applications
  • Electrical inspection
  • Medical device inspection
  • Aerospace
  • Educational applications
  • Research and Development

Optional Eyepieces (Sold Separately)

Expand the magnification range of the SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Microscope with these optional eyepieces

Optional Objective Lenses (Sold Separately)

Expand the magnification range of the SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Microscope with these optional objective lenses
DSZ-44 Stereo Zoom Microscope [10x - 44x] on Dual Arm Boom Stand with Integrated Ring Light
Package Contents Stereo Zoom Microscope [10x - 44x] (DSZ-44)
E-Arm Focus Mount with LED Ring Light (26200B-209)
Dual Arm Boom Stand with Table Clamp (26800B-536)

DSZ-44 -Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope
Body TypeBinocular, 360° rotatable, 45° inclined eyepiece tube
EyepiecesTwo 10x(FN23)eyepieces supplied with microscope body. Optional 15x(FN15) and 20x(FN11.4) available to extend magnification range
Auxiliary lens0.5x, 0.75x and 1.6x auxiliary lenses available to extended magnification range of microscope
Working Distance90mm without auxiliary lens 150mm with 0.5x auxiliary lens 105mm with 0.75x auxiliary lens 45mm with 1.6x auxiliary lens
Zoom Ratio4.4:1
Diopter AdjustmentOn both eye tubes: +5.6D-.72D
Interpupillary DistanceAdjustable from 52 to 75mm
Optical SystemGreenough
Package Contents1ea DSZ-44 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope 2 ea. 10x Eyepieces 2 ea. Rubber Eye guards 1 ea. Dust Cover 1 ea. Instruction Manual

Stand Type Dual Arm Stand with table clamp
Vertical Post Height 384mm
Vertical Post Diameter Φ 37.2mm
Cross Adapter Type Triple (3) Hole Adapter
Horizontal Arm Type Double Bar
Horizontal Arm Length 570mm
Mounting Hole on top horizontal arm 16mm
Horizontal Diameter Φ 20mm
Horizontal Rotation Angle 360 Degree Rotation
Horizontal Arm Travel Distance on Z- Axis 282mm
Horizontal Arm Stretch Range 320mm (12.589")
Horizontal Arm Maximum Load 9.07kg (20.00lb)
Horizontal Arm Travel Mode on Horizontal Direction Ball Bearing
Horizontal Arm Travel Mode on Z Direction Manual
Base Type Clamp
Clamp Dimensions 140x70x65mm
Surface Treatment Electroplating Black
Material Metal
Color Black
Net Weight 21.38 lb
Dimensions 22.441 x 11.22 x 15.95 inches

Focus Mount Type



Integrated 60 LED ring light with dimmer control



Optical Information

Eyepiece | DSW5XZ (F.N. 20)
Auxiliary LensNilw/0.5xw/0.75xw/1.6x
Working Dist.90mm150mm105mm45mm
Field of View22.5-5.1mm45-10.2mm30-6.8mm14-3.1mm

Eyepiece | DSW10XZ (F.N. 20)
Auxiliary LensNilw/0.5xw/0.75xw/1.6x
Working Dist.90mm150mm105mm45mm
Field of View23-5.2mm46-10.4mm30.6-6.9mm14.3-3.2mm

Eyepiece | DSW15X (F.N. 15)
Auxiliary LensNilw/0.5xw/0.75xw/1.6x
Working Dist.90mm150mm105mm45mm
Field of View15-3.4mm30-6.8mm20-49.5mm9.3-2.1mm

Eyepiece | DSW20X (F.N. 11.4)
Auxiliary LensNilw/0.5xw/0.75xw/1.6x
Working Dist.90mm150mm105mm45mm
Field of View11.4-2.5mm22.8-5.1mm15.2-3.45mm7.1-1.6mm

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