Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope SPZ-50 [6.75x-50x] on Post Stand with LED Ring Light with Adjustable Polarizer

SKU: 26800B-373-2

Description: This advanced yet user-friendly microscope system from Aven features the SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Microscope, which offers a best-in-class zoom ratio (7.46:1) with super sharp 3D images, and a wide field of view (34.3mm—4.6mm). High precision optics ensure excellent contrast and high definition 3D images from edge-to-edge. This system also features a magnification range of 6.7x—50x with the 10x eyepieces. The LED Ring Light with Adjustable Polarizer allows operators to reduce the light reflection from shiny or reflective parts, revealing details that would otherwise be washed out.

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SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope System with Ring Light w/Adjustable Polarizer

This microscope system features premium quality optics, design and manufacturing for industrial inspection and laboratories. Provides 6.7x - 50x magnification with the included 10x eyepieces. This system includes Aven's 120 LED Ring Light with Adjustable Polarizer.  The polarizer significantly reduces the glare from shiny and reflective parts

SPZ-50 Stereo Zoom Microscope

Provides crisp clear 3D images, long working distance and a wide field of view. 6.7x to 50x continuous zoom with 10x eyepieces.  Graduation marks on the zoom knob tell operators the exact magnifications at which they are working.
  • Large zoom ratio 7.46:1- (best zoom ratio in class)
  • Field of View 34.3mm to 3.6mm (1.35" to 0.14")
  • Working distance 108mm (4.25") (the best in it's class)
  • 17mm (0.67") high eye point wide field 10x eyepieces (field number 23) for comfortable viewing even for operators with eyeglasses

Reduce the glare from shiny and reflective parts

The polarized ring light significantly reduces the glare from shiny objects, allowing operators to see details that could otherwise be obscured or washed out.

Adjustable Polarizer

  Aven's LED Ring Light with Adjustable Polarizer features a turn dial with reference markers.  Adjust the level of polarization by turning the dial.

Brightness Adjustment

Aven's LED Ring Light with Adjustable Polarizer features a built-in brightness dial for precise illumination control of 120 LEDs.

Durable Stand

This heavy duty stand is perfect for applications where horizontal extension is limited. Large base 279 x 330 x 12.7mm to accommodate a large variety of parts.

Tall and Compact

  • Aluminum powder coated base
  • All metal construction
  • UNC bolt and safety clamp included



  • Superior optics with Crystal clear high resolution images
  • Magnification Range: 6.7x to 50x
  • Compact, durable metal post stand with base.
  • 120 LED ring light with adjustable polarizer reduces the glare from shiny or reflective objects
Illumination 120 LED ring light with adjustable polarizer
Ring Light Input Voltage DC24V/500mA
Ring Light Environment temperature & Humidity 0~40/20~80%RH
Light color White
LED Lifetime 20,000 Hours
Ring Light Dimension(mm) O.D.90mm x I. D.35mm x Height:33mmx Length: 99mm
Microscope Body SPZ-50
Magnification 6.7x - 50x with the included 10x eyepieces
Working Distance 41mm-240mm
Zoom Ratio 7.46:1
Interpupillary Distance Adjustable from 52 to 75mm
Optical System Greenough
System Contents SPZ-50: Stereo Zoom Microscope  | 26200B-222: LED Ring Light with Adjustable Polarizer | 26800B-460: Ring Light Adapter | 26800B-570: Pole Stand | 26800B-517: Focus Mount

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