Stereo Zoom Microscope SPZV-50 [6.7x - 50x] With Mighty Cam Eidos Ergo Post Stand

SKU: 26800B-723


The SPZV-50 sets the standard with its expansive zoom range and high-definition 3D imaging, perfect for detailed inspections. Complementing this is the Mighty Cam Eidos, a powerful camera with an integrated HD monitor that simplifies image capture and on-screen measurements without the need for a PC.  This system is supported by the sturdy Ergo Stand, designed for stability and flexibility in every analysis. This trio is the epitome of innovation, designed to enhance productivity and precision in any lab or industrial setting.


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At the heart of this system lies Aven's SPZV-50, a true trinocular stereo zoom microscope that boasts a best-in-class zoom ratio and high-definition 3D images across a wide field of view. With a magnification range from 6.7x to 50x, expandable up to 200x with optional lenses, this microscope is designed for versatility and superior optical performance. 

Complementing the SPZV-50 is Aven's Mighty Cam Eidos, an integrated camera and monitor solution that revolutionizes the way you capture and analyze data. This powerful 5-megapixel camera, equipped with an 11.6" HD monitor, allows for high-resolution image and video capture without the need for a PC, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.  The live picture can also be displayed on your computer via a USB output using the camera software of your choice (aven does not offer software for the Mighty Cam Eidos).

The system is anchored by Aven's Ergo Stand, which provides a robust and stable platform for detailed examinations. The stand features a 16-inch post and a reversible plate, offering a large working distance and the flexibility to handle various sample sizes and viewing angles. Its sturdy construction ensures reliable performance during critical observations. 

Whether you're in the field of quality control, medical research, or educational demonstrations, this microscope system stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. It offers unparalleled clarity, convenience, and control, empowering you to achieve breakthroughs in your work and research. Discover the difference with our state-of-the-art microscope system, where every detail is crafted with precision and every function is designed with your needs in mind.


  • Dual view microscope system: View on the screen or with the microscope eyepieces
  • Save images and videos to MicroSD Card
  • Built-in computational measurement capabilities with no need for a PC
  • Output the live image to an external HDMI monitor, or to your PC via USB connection.
  • Large zoom ratio 7.46:1- best zoom ratio in class
  • Field of View 34.3mm to 3.6mm (1.35" to 0.14")
  • Working distance 108mm (4.25") -the best in class
  • 17mm (0.67") high eye point wide field 10x eyepieces (field number 23) for comfortable viewing even for operators with eyeglasses
  • Diopter adjustment on both eyepiece tubes
  • Ergo Stand with 16" post, reversible plate, and slide clips
  • The focus mount features adjustable LEDs, as well as course & fine focus knobs
26800B-723 Stereo Zoom Microscope SPZV-50 [6.7x - 50x] With Ergo Post Stand and LED Might Cam Eidos Camera
Package Contents: SPZV-50 Stereo Zoom Microscope
26100-260: Mighty Cam Eidos
26200B-207: LED Ring Light Focus Mount
26800B-575: Ergo Stand
Magnification Eyepieces: 6.7x - 50x
11.6" Mighty Cam Eidos Screen: 19x to 143x
Shipping Weight 36.1LB
SPZV-50 Stereo Zoom Microscope
Body Type True Trinocular, 360° rotatable, 45° inclined eyepiece tube & C-mount camera port
Eyepieces Two 10x(FN23)eyepieces supplied with microscope body. Optional 15x(FN15) and 20x(FN11.4) available to extend magnification range
Auxiliary lens 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.6x and 2x auxiliary lenses available to extended magnification range of microscope
Working Distance 108mm without auxiliary lens 240mm with 0.5x auxiliary lens 132mm with 0.75x auxiliary lens 50mm with 1.6x auxiliary lens 41mm with 2x auxiliary lens
Zoom Ratio 7.46:1
Diopter Adjustment On both eye tubes: +5.6D-.72D
Interpupillary Distance Adjustable from 52 to 75mm
Optical System Greenough
Package Contents 1ea SPZV True Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Body with Photo tube 2 ea. 10x Eyepieces 2 ea. Rubber Eyeguards 1 ea. Dust Cover 1 ea. Instruction Manual
Weight 5lb
26100-260 Mighty Cam Eidos
Hardware Parameters
Display Specification 11.6 inch, 1920 * 1080, IPS Screen
Imaging Sensor 1/2.8 inch SONY CMOS
Real-Time Image Frame Rate 60fps@1920*1080
Photograph 5 megapixel
Recording 60fps@1920*1080
Output Interface HDMI
Input Interface 2 USB 2.0 Ports
Internal Software Parameters
Camera parameters Exposure, White Balance, Gain, Gamma, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Grayscale
OSD Operation Mouse
Storage Function USB Storage, MicroSD Card
Measurement Line
Broken Lines
Three-Point Circle
Distance from circle to line
Concentric Circles
Double Circles
Vertical Line
Arbitrary Line
Table Data Export
Parameter Settings
Other Function Flip horizontally, flip vertically, Freeze
Scale Ruler 3 Options
Grid Line 8 Groups
Languages English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Package Content Mighty Cam Eidos
Power Supply
HDMI to HDMI Mini cable
Wireless Mouse
16GB MicroSD Card
USB-C to USB-A MicroSD Card Reader
USB-C to USB-A Adapter for Wireless Mouse Transmitter
Mighty Cam Eidos
Power Supply
HDMI to HDMI Mini cable
Wireless Mouse
16GB MicroSD Card
USB-C to USB-A MicroSD Card Reader
USB-C to USB-A Adapter for Wireless Mouse Transmitter
USB-A Wireless Mouse Transmitter
Ring Light LED with Integrated Focus Mount
LEDs 60
Lighting Control Variable
Light Intensity 35,000 lux
LED Color Temperature 5600K White
Power Supply 5W, 100-120V AC 50/60HZ
Focus Mount Ring Diameter 74mm
Mounting Diameter 26.9mm
Focus Mechanism Rack & Pinion with Tension Control
Focusing Distance 50mm in vertical direction
Accepted Bodies SSZ, SPZ, DSZ and NSW series
Weight 2.80lbs
Package Contents Integrated LED Ring Light with Focus Mount and Power Supply
Ergo Microscope Stand 26800B-575
Post Height 16 inch
Post Diameter 25mm
Base Dimensions 13 x 12.5 inch
Weight 11.8 lb
Package Contents 16 inch post, base, secure bolt, reversible plate

Optical Data

Eyepiece | DHW10X (F.N. 23)
Auxiliary LensNilw/0.5xw/0.75xw/1.6xw/2x
Working Dist.108mm240mm132mm50mm41mm
Field of View34.3-4.6mm68.9-9.2mm45.7-6.1mm21.4-2.8mm17.1-2.3mm

Eyepiece | DHW15X (F.N.15)

Auxiliary LensNilw/0.5xw/0.75xw/1.6xw/2x
Working Dist.108mm240mm132mm50mm41mm
Field of View22.3-3mm44.7-6mm29.8-4mm16-1.8mm11.1-1.5mm

Eyepiece | DHW20X (F.N. 11.4)

Auxiliary LensNilw/0.5xw/0.75xw/1.6xw/2x
Working Dist.108mm240mm132mm50mm41mm
Field of View17-2.2mm34-4.5mm22.6-3mm10.6-1.4mm8.5-1.1mm

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